The Ron Smolen Orchestra is a total experience in Music and Entertainment, preserving a past musical heritage and appealing to all ages.

The Ron Smolen Orchestra Ten (10) piece dance orchestra consists of...

The Ron Smolen Orchestra offers a wide variety of entertainment packages, for example...

In addition to our 10 piece orchestra, The Ron Smolen Orchestra is also able to offer an assortment of musical groups locally in Chicago.

Please note... The 10 piece Big Band is available for all Local and Traveling Performances.

The Combo is available for all smaller local events. Special arrangements can be made for traveling.

The specialty orchestras can play Private Parties, but are primarily organized for Special Events requiring specific theme music. ie... Concerts, Parades, Grand Openings etc.

The Combos and Specialty Orchestras - while primarily offered locally can be added to any traveling performance package featuring the Big Band.

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information and availability, please contact the offices of Central Booking at (773)545-1881 or email the orchestra at