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3950 W. Fullerton - Due to Neighborhood changes, The Embassy Closed Sept 27, 1981. It reopened in 1982 as a rock club. The Ron Smolen Orchestra played one final dance Feb 12, 1984. The Ballroom Closed for good in 1984 and sat idle until and was demolished in the mid 1990 Dancing... (The Neon on this sign can still be seen. At night the neon alternated the words...Embassy - Dancing) Lobby doors from inside... Lobby view from the previous doors... ( Left - stairs to balcony ** right - to ballroom ** straight ahead - coat check) Stairs to balcony
Balcony Lounge - The Embassy was a former Theatre. The Balcony retained every other row of theatre seats. The removed seats were replaced with cocktail tables, each with colored lights. It provided anSouth wall - former main floor bar location Remnants of the stage Remnants of the stage Demolition
DemolitionAn Attempt was made to save the auditorium and convert it to stores. However, only one tennant moved in. The planned remodeling never took place and the auditorium was eventually demolished. A Drug store and parking lot can now be found on the site.